Business Finance

Students in a lectureA degree in Business Finance focuses on the diverse world of finance and the various factors influencing business financial policy. The programme aims to develop a coherent framework for addressing issues such as company financial strategies, the conduct of banking and financial services and government regulation of money and finance.

You will develop professional skills to understand and negotiate an increasingly complex business environment; and develop an understanding of how companies and organisations respond to financial regulation in terms of maximizing profitability, financial longevity and cash-flow streams. The finance aspects of the programme emphasise fundamental accounting and finance concepts, theories and practice in order to enable well informed financial decision-making. Additional components concentrate on managerial finance, investment fundamentals, portfolio management and global finance. Through a series of ‘real-world’ business activities, case-study analysis and simulated environments, you will develop a portfolio of professional skills including effective decision making, value-based prioritisation, information clarification, needs assessment and presentation skills.

Content and structure

Core modules include Business Environment; Introduction to Management; Quantitative Skills and Methods; Financial Accounting; Management Accounting; Investments and Financial Instruments; Firms, Markets and Pricing; Business Cycle and Macroeconomic Policy; Corporate Finance; Taxation; European and International Monetary Systems and a Research Project.

Elective modules include a wide variety from within the School depending on your interests, for example: The Role and Practice of Audit; Human Resource Management; Introduction to Econometrics; Economics of Labour and Industrial Relations; Development and Transition Economics; Organisational Behaviour and Small Business Management.


A degree in Business Finance will prepare you for using accounting, economics and business strategy to develop financial solutions in business. You will also have the opportunity to produce reports relating to the changing environment impacting on organisations in the financial sector and to develop strategies to respond to such changes. This degree offers a diverse range of application environments and is valued by both the public and private sector.

Key Facts
Degree type: BSc (Hons)
Course code: N310
Duration: 3 years
Entry requirements: 300 points or 24 HSC grade aggregate