Photograph of Mohd Zairul Mazwan Bin Jilani.Mohd Zairul Mazwan Bin Jilani

Lecturer in Computer Science
BIT (Hons.), UUM, Malaysia
MSc., UiTM Malaysia
PhD Computer Science, Brunel University London, UK


Phone: N/A

Teaching Areas

Web Design and User Experience, Introduction to Programming, Algorithm and Its Application, Logic and Computation.


My research area is developing algorithm for clustering and classification problems.

  1. Jilani, M. Z. M. B., Tucker, A., & Swift, S. (2016, June). Simultaneous modelling and clustering of visual field data. In Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS), 2016 IEEE 29th International Symposium on (pp. 213-218). IEEE.
  2. M. Z. M. B. Jilani, A. Tucker and S. Swift (2017) “An Application of Generalised Simulated Annealing towards the Simultaneous Modelling and Clustering of Glaucoma”, submitted to the Journal of Heuristics.
  3. Restricted Growth Function based Generalised Simulated Annealing to Predict Glaucoma using Simultaneous Modelling and Clustering, PhD Thesis.


I have 4 years’ experience in teaching undergraduates at Brunel University London. Prior to the teaching experience, I have worked in the banking industry as IT Projects Auditor, System Auditor, Project Management and System Trainer for 8 years. I have passion in research and teaching.