Photograph of Tomi A. Pasanen .Tomi A. Pasanen

Lecturer in Computer Science
Doctor of Computer Science (1999) University of Turku, Finland


Phone: N/A



Teaching Areas

Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering and Programming


My research has included so far areas like digital games, pedagogy, bioinformatics and algorithmics. Next, I would like to enter to Data Science area where I have not done research; partial overlapping has happened in my teaching because data mining, machine learning and statistical methods are already well-established research areas. 

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I started to study computer science 1986 and finished studies with Ph.D. degree 1999. I was interested in classical computer science where the research is dealing with running times and space requirements. After that I have been mainly working as lecturer giving a large number of different courses in Finland and abroad like Spain, Tanzania, South Africa and Vietnam. So I am capable of adapting and adjusting my operation with respect to current culture by using the best parts of the culture to manage and to progress my duties. 

Additional Interests

Sailing and sport in general