Photograph of Randhir Roopchund.Randhir Roopchund

Senior Lecturer for Management


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Teaching and Academic Research in the field of Management and Marketing based on sound and pedagogical teaching strategies. Participate in the different committees set up by Aberyswyth University Mauritius.

Teaching Areas

Management and Marketing

Has taught different Modules in Management and Marketing at the Université des Mascareignes, University of Technology Mauritius , University of Mauritius, Sagittarius and Professional Training Centre and Mauritius Institute of Training and Development (ex-IVTB). Has more than 15 years  teaching experience at the Tertiary level.


Interested with the field of Customer Relationship Management in Higher Education. Currently a Doctoral student at the Open University of Mauritius and the Supervisor is Prof T J Kamanalabhan – Head of Dept Management from the Indian Institute of Management. Has also published in both refereed and non refereed  articles locally and internationally.


Started career as Credit Risk Analyst at the State Bank of Mauritius under the one year Banking experience Programme in year 2000. He then joined Air Mauritius where he exercised as Revenue Analyst and was in charge of the Far East market and India.

After some years of industry experience, he worked as Training Officer- Management at the Industrial and Vocational Training Board from Year 2003-2005. In year 2005, he started working as Lecturer at the Technical School Trust Fund Management now Université des Mascareignes . He served as Head of Department for the Department of Management from the Year 2012 till 2015.

Mr Randhir Roopchund has also provided Consultancy services to the National Women Entrepreneur Council under a six months contract.  He had various part time teaching assignments at University of Technology, University of Mauritius and Sagittarius  at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

He is the Winner of the National Best Business Plan Competition organized by Junior Chamber International 2004. He was the runner up of the same competition organized by SEHDA.He also became the Best Delegate of the Model African Union Tertiary in 2014 representing the Eritrea country.

Mr Randhir Roopchund is the recipient of the African Leadership Award- Young Achiever 2016. He has also published in internationally recognised Journals and was invited Speaker at Amity University Jaipur for the SMARTTECH conference. He will also be the speaker at Elearning Africa 2017. He has served as Scheme Lead for Management at Aberystwyth University Mauritius between October 2015 till February 2017.

Additional Interests

He is a regular contributor of articles in the local press about economic and social matters. He has actively engaged with the Ministry of Youth for several literary and academic activities such as elocution contests, essay competition. He has served as Chairperson of Jury on several times.