Photograph of Dr. Loai Alsaid.Dr. Loai Alsaid

Scheme Leader for Accounting and Finance
BSc (Hons), MSc (Distinction), MPhil and PhD in Accountancy
Associate Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy
Educational Consultant in Accounting and Finance Students’ Learning Experience
Member of British Accounting and Finance Association, Management Control Association (UK) and European Accounting Association (Belgium)


Phone: +230 58002387


  • Aberystwyth University Lecturer in Accounting and Finance.
  • Associate Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy.
  • Educational Consultant in Accounting and Finance Students’ Learning Experience, UK.
  • Member of British Accounting and Finance Association (BAFA), UK.
  • Member of Management Control Association (MCA), UK.
  • Member of European Accounting Association (EAA), Belgium.

Teaching Areas

Current Modules

  • Introduction to Management Accounting,
  • Financial Accounting 1,
  • Quantitative Skills and Methods.

Current Activities

  • Preparation, teaching and marking of large group lectures,
  • Preparation, teaching and marking of small tutorial groups,
  • Providing advices to students, work assessment and feedback on their work,
  • Monitoring students’ attendance, participation in classes and addressing learning issues,
  • Providing invigilation duties at written examinations and class tests.

Work Experience

  • Lecturer in Accounting and Finance at Aberystwyth University (UK) Mauritius Branch Campus (Current),
  • Tutor in Accounting and Finance Department at University of Aberdeen Business School, UK (2012 – 2015),
  • Exams Invigilator at University of Aberdeen Business School, UK (2012 – 2015),
  • Assistant Lecturer in Accounting Department at Beni-Sueif University, Egypt (2005 – 2011),
  • Demonstrator in Accounting Department at Cairo University Beni-Sueif Branch, Egypt (2000 – 2005).

Courses Taught

  • Financial Accounting and Entrepreneurship,
  • Management Accounting Theory,
  • Financial Information Analysis,
  • Business Research Methods,
  • Corporate Governance and Auditing,
  • Cost and Management Accounting,
  • International Accounting,
  • Operations Research,
  • Risk Management,
  • Bank Accounting and Credit Risk,
  • Insurance Accounting,
  • Islamic Accounting,
  • Strategic Financial Management,
  • Financial Management and Accounting,
  • Financial Analysis and Reporting,
  • Risk and Earnings Management,
  • Social Audit,
  • Performance Audit,
  • Tax Accounting,
  • Government Accounting,
  • Environmental Accounting and Social Reporting.

Levels Taught

  • Undergraduate level,
  • Postgraduate MSc level.


Existing Research Agenda [Specific subject areas of PhD supervision]

  • Politics of cost management change in the public utilities.
  • Re-privatisation and management accounting innovations.
  • Political corruption and performance-based budgeting.
  • Geopolitics of budgetary control change in the bank sector.
  • The risk of military intervention on public accounting practices.
  • Public sector risk management under effectively accountability regimes.
  • Corporate risk-taking and internal audit effectiveness.
  • Financial crisis and integrated reporting logics.
  • Technologies of integrated reporting quality audit.
  • Arab Spring revolutions and clash of accounting cultures.

Research Grants

  • Principal’s Excellence Award, University of Aberdeen, UK, April 2015.
  • Fully-funded series of working papers (2014 - 2015), University of Aberdeen Business School, UK.
  • Fully-funded governmental scholarship for obtaining PhD (2012 – 2015), the Egyptian Government, Egypt.
  • Fully-funded research grant for doing case study (November 2013 – February 2014), Egyptian Higher Education Ministry, Egypt.
  • Fully-funded research grant for doing pilot study (November – December 2012), Egyptian Cultural Bureau, London, UK.
  • Fully-funded series of working papers (2002 - 2006), Egyptian Accountants and Auditors Association, Egypt.

Research Workshops

The European Accounting Association (EAA), Belgium, April 2015:

  • IFRS Teaching Workshop.
  • Editors' Workshop - How to publish research aimed at making a more equal and fair society.
  • ICAEW Workshop - Capital in the 21st Century: Accounting Perspectives.
  • Accounting in Europe and EAA-FARS Workshop - IFRS ten years on.

The British Accounting and Finance Association (BAFA), UK, March 2015:

  • ICAS Workshop - Professional Investors and the Objectives of Financial Reporting.
  • IASB Workshop - The Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting - A project update.
  • IFRS Workshop - IFRS: A Transnational Perspective.
  • Accounting and Popular Culture Workshop.

The Management Control Association (MCA),UK, 2015:

  • Strong Structuration Theory Workshop. Glasgow, April.
  • Management Control Workshop. Nottingham, February.

Seminar Presentations

  • Accountancy and Finance – PhD seminar (November 2014), University of Aberdeen Business School, UK. 
  • AFRE Research Seminar (August 2013), University of Aberdeen Business School, UK.
  • Accountancy and Finance – PhD seminar (March 2013), University of Aberdeen Business School, UK.
  • Accountancy and Finance – PhD seminar (November 2012), University of Aberdeen Business School, UK.

Research Day Presentations

  • University of Aberdeen Business School Research Day, UK, September 2013.
  • Cardiff University Business School Research Day, UK, June 2012.

Other Conferences Attended

  • Business and Management Pathway PhD Colloquium. Aberdeen, UK, April 2015.
  • BAFA Scottish Area Group Annual Conference. Glasgow, UK, September 2013.
  • ICAS/BAFA Accounting & Finance ScotDoc Colloquium. Dundee, UK, May 2013.
  • International Conference on Management Accounting and Control (MAC) in the Age of Globalisation. Cardiff, UK, June 2012.


Loai joined the School of Management and Business as a lecturer in Accounting and Finance in October 2015, following a 15-year professional career in accounting and business, in public, private and charitable sectors. Before coming to Aberystwyth, Loai successfully completed his PhD in management accounting at University of Aberdeen (UK)and his examiners were very happy with the quality of the thesis he has produced and the way in which he performed in his viva. Loai has recently extended PhD research through his new book published on ‘cost management change in public utilties: An institutionalist perspective’. His MSc degree was in the field of corporate governance and auditing. He also published working papers on performance management and control, risk governance, public sector accountability, e-commerce, financial reporting and auditing. At this successful outcome his work is of an extremely high standard.

Loai also taught at Aberdeen University and previously at Cairo University and then Beni-Sueif University (Egypt). He has a particular interest in the use of case studies in management and accounting education. His interests are teaching in the areas of Corporate Governance and Auditing, Cost and Management Accounting and Financial Accounting and Reporting. His teaching experience spans over 15 years and covers a variety of subjects in accounting across all undergraduate levels and his role also involved dealing with students' affairs from academic to personal tutoring. He also been involved in work assessment and previouslywas acting as an exam invigilator with the University of Aberdeen. He was also involved in countless administrative duties and he has the skills required to work as part of a team. He has a first stage teaching qualification having successfully obtained the certification of Associate Fellow from the Higher Education Academy and he has skills in IT and many other essential tools required in order to deliver an effective learning experience.

His research papers have been accepted and presented at various leadingaccounting conferences. His research plans in the next three years are to publish three papers of his PhD in 3* academic journals. He would then develop his research to focus on public sector performance management, corporate governance and auditing in less developed countries. He has work experience as a team member in an academic setting where they collaborated in publishing an electronic auditing book. He hold several professional memberships through which he can extend academic networks to further professional development. He also has a professional expertise of PhD supervision, following a 4-year supervised +20 undergraduate and MSc dissertations.

Staff Links

Facebook/Skype address:  Loai Alsaid



Additional Interests

Professional Development


  • Supervised more than 20 undergraduate and MSc dissertations.
  • Obtained Certified Associate Fellow of UK Higher Education Academy, 2012.
  • Successfully completed the teaching programme for postgraduate and early career researchers at University of Aberdeen, UK, 2012.
  • Participated in a number of teaching seminar series at University of Aberdeen Business School, UK.



  • British Accounting and Finance Association (BAFA), UK.
  • Management Control Association (MCA), UK.
  • European Accounting Association (EAA), Belgium.

Effective participations

  • Participated in the review process of the papers submitted to the Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Accounting (IPA) Conference, Stockholm, July 2015.
  • Chair, Management Accounting - Parallel Session with Discussants (PSD), The 38th Annual Congress of the European Accounting Association (EAA). Glasgow, UK, April 2015.
  • Worked as a team member with a highly-qualified academic and administrative team in providing an electronic accounting book entitled, Advanced Studies in Auditing, Egypt, 2011.

Industry experience

  • 2015: Educational Consultant in Accounting and Finance Students’ Learning Experience, PhD Tutors Ltd., London, UK.
  • 2010 - 2011: Instructor in Accounting at training sector, Egyptian International Pharmaceutical Industry Co., The Pharmaceutical Sector, Egypt.
  • 2008: ERP Consultant, Middle Egypt Electricity Distribution Co., The Electricity and Energy Sector, Egypt.
  • 1999 - 2000: Accountant, The National Bank of Egypt, The Banking Sector, Egypt.

IT Skills

  • Obtained International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) certificate, 2006.
  • Familiar with all the major software available such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint.
  • His teaching experience includes using the additional methods including teleconferencing and slides presentation.

Training Workshops

The University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK:

  • Neoliberalism and the political economy of money and finance in Scotland and the UK, June 2015.
  • Basic statistics course (for SPSS and STATA), May 2015.
  • Invigilating Exams Training, April 2015. 
  • Marking and Providing Feedback/Thinking Critically/Further Professional Development for Tutors, January 2015.
  • Running Tutorials and Seminars with Students in the Business School, January 2015.
  • Finish Up and Move On, July 2014.
  • Doing Qualitative Research in Accounting, May 2014.
  • Creating Posters Using PowerPoint 2010, August 2013.
  • Understanding the Paradigms - A PhD Workshop on Philosophies of Accounting and Management Research, June 2013.
  • Word 2007 Long Documents, October 2012.
  • Using Nvivo in Qualitative Data Analysis, October 2012.
  • Designing Presentation Using PowerPoint 2007, October 2012.
  • Managing References: RefWorks Part 1 and 2, February 2012.
  • Literature Searching Part 2: Web of Knowledge and Scopus, February 2012.
  • Literature Searching Part 1: Essential Skills for Success, February 2012.