Photograph of Dr Karen Hunsdale .Dr Karen Hunsdale

Scheme Leader for Computer Science
BSc(Hons) - University of Manchester, MSc - Manchester Metropolitan University,
MSc - Manchester Metropolitan University,
MA - Edge Hill University Liverpool ,
PGCE - Edge Hill University,
PhD - Manchester Metropolitan University


Phone: N/A


  • Member of the IEEE
  • Associate member of the British Computer Society
  • Currently working towards Fellow of the Higher Education Authority
  • Peer-reviewer of IEEE conference proceedings
  • Team leader for OCR GCSE ICT examination series (2015 - )
  • Staff Student Consultative Committee (Mauritius Branch Campus)

Teaching Areas


  • Introduction to Programming;
  • Mathematics for Computer Science Students;
  • Introduction to Computer Hardware;
  • Problems and Solutions;
  • Professional and Personal Development.
  • Object Oriented Programming


MSc in Computer Science (Pending accreditation)


I am interested in Artificial Intelligence, including the development of conversational agents and their scripting methodologies. In addition, I am also interested in the research of the use of conversational agents/intelligent machines in educational settings and their impact on teaching and learning.

My research extends into the teaching of computer science education at secondary and primary school level, investigating current approaches to the subject, and innovative ways to deliver the curriculum and engage students.

I welcome any interest in research collaboration. PhD studentships may also be available.


Before joining Aberystwyth University, Mauritius Branch Campus in 2015, I specialised in secondary and further education colleges in the subjects of Computing and Information Technology. This led to the completion of my MA in Education which focused on the integration of learning-technologies into the classroom setting.

I have worked in bioanalytical analysis and pharmaceutical QA/QC assurance following completion of my BSc (Hons) degree in Chemistry. I became engaged with the use of technology and its application within science that it led to my diversion into computing and the completion of my MSc in 2006. In 2011, I completed my PhD in Computing (Artificial Intelligence) developing conversational agents. Conversational agents enable natural language interaction with its user; however, they are typically scripted using pattern-matching algorithms. My research involved the creation of a novel scripting language to ease the process of scripting such agents using semantic analysis and sentence similarity matching. I have attended a range of conferences on intelligent agents and now look forward to developing this research area further at Aberystwyth University, Mauritius Branch Campus.

Additional Interests

I enjoy travel and experiencing different cultures. I have travelled New Zealand and North America and I am now enjoying the delights of Mauritius. I am currently learning to play the ukulele and studying the French language.