Photograph of Dr Ahmed Abba Haruna.Dr Ahmed Abba Haruna

Scheme Lead for Computer Science and Lecturer (equivalent to Assistant Professor) in Computer Science
Ph.D. IT, UTP, Malaysia.
M.Sc. IT, UTP, Malaysia.
B.IT. (Hons.) Network Technology, IUKL, Malaysia.


Phone: n/a


  1. Scheme Lead for Computer Science
    Responsible for the Coordination, Organization, and Delivery of an Academic Scheme. Including, but not limited to:
    • Allocating teaching loads to staff on the scheme.
    • Ensuring module coordinators undertake their marking by agreed deadlines (to meet exam board deadlines set by AU).
    • Ensuring moderation is undertaken according to recommended practice.
    • Dealing with academic referrals from module coordinators and liaising with counterparts at AU, where necessary.
    • Overseeing scheme development and the completion and collation of the related paperwork and processes (with QAEM and Senior Administrator).
  2. Lecturer (equivalent to Assistant Professor) in Computer Science
    • Preparing and delivering lectures, tutorials, seminars and workshops sessions: Working in collaboration with the teams at Aberystwyth University (AU), UK and the Mauritius campus.
    • Facilitating student’s participation, engagement and attendance in specific subjects.
    • Providing personal tutor support to allocated students in line with AU policy.
    • Moderating and marking of assignments and exams and co-creation of end of year exams
  3. Technical Editor: Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Sustainability (JASES)
  4. Member of Internet Society (ISOC), with member ID 108803.
  5. Member of Internet Society (ISOC): Nigerian Chapter.

Teaching Areas

  • Program Design, Data Structures, and Algorithms (CS21120)
  • Programming for the Web (CS25320)
  • Artificial Intelligence (CS26520)
  • Software Engineering (CS22120)
  • E-Commerce: Implementation, Management & Security (CS37420)



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  1. Award of recognition from HITACHI Asia, 2015.
  2. Bronze:  International Invention, Innovation & Design Johor, 2017.
  3. 2nd Runner-up: Three Minutes Thesis Competition, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, 2017. 


Prior to taking up his role as Scheme Lead for Computer Science and Lecturer (equivalent to Assistant Professor) in Computer Science at Aberystwyth University (Branch Campus, Mauritius), Dr. Ahmed Abba Haruna obtained a Ph.D. in Information Technology, from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia, with a Thesis titled: Incentive-Scheduling Algorithms to Provide Green Data Center.

Beyond his successes as a researcher (obtaining international awards and publishing several research papers in distinctive international conferences/journals, as well as successfully completing three green IT externally related funded projects through Hitachi in a two-year period), he gained invaluable experience as a Graduate Teaching Assistant over a six-year period in the Department of Computer and Information Science, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS.