International Business

This Masters in International Business has been specially designed for you if you are keen to pursue a specialist business and management degree. You will gain expert knowledge of the impact of international business on local, regional and global economies and you will engage in debates on aspects of international business and the urgent ramifications which affect our world. In particular, you will come to master complex subjects including international business and host and home economies, regionalisation vs. globalisation, and the competing demands of free trade and the sovereign state.

This programme offers you quality training in international business, you will graduate with greatly enhanced career prospects and generate a broad range of general skills which are highly desirable to employers in every sector and industry. You will be confident in research, analysis, interpretation, argument formation, presentation and much more.

Key Facts


One year full-time.

The course is also available on part-time basis.


Assessment takes the form of; research proposals including a related bibliographic element, case studies, oral assessments and essays. Each student will complete a master's dissertation worth 60 credits, which deals with an area of chosen study in the third semester.

Entry Requirements:

A good Honours degree (or its equivalent) in a Business and Management discipline plus satisfactory references from your University. Candidates with equivalent experience and qualifications will be considered.

English Language Requirements:

If you have a Bachelor’s degree from a UK University, you do not need to take an English proficiency test.

Non-native English speakers who do not meet this requirement must take a University-recognised test of academic English language proficiency. For further information please see our English Language requirements page.

If your English does not meet the requirements you can always take a pre-masters English language course.


International business is both an exciting and demanding area.  The MSc International business has been developed to meet the demands and to enthuse you as a student.  You will be encouraged to critically evaluate the contemporary role of international corporations and the financial environments in which they function, and you will be required to define and justify your own understanding on issues like globalisation, regionalisation, organisational strategy and the importance of regulation.

You will study topics including international management, development, financial systems and the economic process through particular models and equations found in the core and optional study modules. For instance, in the module Research Methods, you will learn to employ various tools to clarify your understanding of subjects throughout the course.  While in international business you will study various aspects on international operations and risk. This will also prepare you for your final dissertation in which you will demonstrate your enhanced skills in critical thinking and creativity, analysis, synthesis and critical appraisal.

In addition to this world-class business training, you will also nurture a skillset perfect for almost any role in any corporate structure or other postgraduate workplace. You will be confident in topics including analysing supply chain, identifying emerging markets, understanding market entry strategies; but also in planning and decision-making; and research, analysis and presentation. These traits will make you a desirable employee for financial and other institutions at national and international levels.

Course Content

Semester One

International Management MMM2620

Political Economy Of International Business MMM2320

Research Methods MMM4520

Semester Two

Globalization MMM4920

Contemporary Leadership MMM7520

Project Management MMM8620

Part Two

Management Report MMM9360



Qualification: MSc International Business

This degree will suit you:

  • If you want to study business at a global level
  • If you wish to develop a critical appreciation of international finance and economics
  • If you wish to nurture a career in multinational corporations or other international bodies
  • If you desire skills highly sought-after by any postgraduate employer


Every course at Aberystwyth University is designed to enhance your vocational and general employability. Your MSc will place you in the jobs market as a highly-trained business analyst with a strength in depth of knowledge on vital subjects like international business regulation, development and sustainability. You will also graduate with a wealth of postgraduate-level skills which are transferable into any workplace. In addition, the prestige of an MSc from the AMBA-accredited School of Management and Business will open doors for you into workplaces in every industry.

Key Skills and Competencies

Study Skills

Alongside the wealth of world-class financial expertise, you will master highly desirable skills in academic research, analysis, argument-formation, presentation and debate. You will also prove your abilities in reflection and self-improvement; you will be able to identify your academic weaknesses and remove them whilst building on your strengths.

Self-Motivation and discipline

Studying at Masters level requires discipline and self-motivation from every candidate. You will have access to the expertise and helpful guidance of departmental staff, but you are ultimately responsible for devising and completing a sustained programme of scholarly research in pursuit of your Master’s degree. This process of independent study at an extremely high level will strengthen your skills as an independent and self-sufficient worker, a trait prized by most employers.

Transferable Skills

The MSc programme is designed to give you a range of transferable skills that you can apply in a variety of employment contexts.  Upon graduation, you will have proven your abilities in structuring and communicating ideas efficiently, writing for and speaking to a range of audiences, evaluating and organizing information, working effectively with others and working within time frames and to specific deadlines.