Aberystwyth University (Mauritius Branch Campus) is operated by Aberystwyth Ltd, a company established for this purpose and registered with the Tertiary Education Commission in Mauritius. The Branch Campus complies with the regulatory framework for post-secondary education in Mauritius. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by Aberystwyth Ltd and Aberystwyth University formalises the agreement between the two parties.

Aberystwyth Ltd’s major shareholder is Aberystwyth University, with Boston Campus Ltd as the minority shareholder.

Aberystwyth University retains all responsibility for academic matters, including maintaining academic quality and standards and the awarding of Aberystwyth University degrees. In doing so, Aberystwyth University will follow the guidelines of the UK Quality Assurance Agency in the conduct of programmes in Mauritius.

The programmes delivered at the Mauritius Branch Campus and the awards conferred shall be those of Aberystwyth University itself. The academic quality and standards at the Branch Campus shall also be the same as those already in place at Aberystwyth University, and appropriate mechanisms have been established to ensure this.

Aberystwyth Ltd will retain responsibility for the operational management of the Mauritius Branch Campus, including providing infrastructure and employing some staff (subject to Aberystwyth University assuring the quality of the academic facility).

Both Aberystwyth University and Aberystwyth Ltd have agreed to operate staff exchanges in agreed subject areas at undergraduate and postgraduate level; and to identify areas of mutual interest in teaching in order to bring forward proposals for joint activity in curriculum development and programme delivery in Mauritius.

Information on the Mauritius Branch Campus on the Aberystwyth University website